Black Dog

Frequently asked questions

Q. Should I feed my dog before their groom?

A. It's fine to feed your dog up to 1 hour before their groom.

Q. My dog has a medical condition, should I give them their usual medication before their groom?

A. Yes, absolutely.

Q. My dog recently had a procedure done at the vets, can I still bring them?

A. Depends how recent. It's best to give us a call to discuss the procedure and what is best to do to ensure your dog is comfortable. It may be best to postpone until they are feeling more themselves.

Q. My bitch is in season, can I still bring her?

A. Unfortunately not. We cannot bath bitches in season, as this can cause harm to your pet. If you bring your bitch along to their groom and they are in season, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment for when their season has finished. 

Q. What method of payment do you accept?

A. Card or cash is perfect.

Q. Do I leave my pet with you or do I stay?

A. Most people leave their pet with us and run a few errands. We will send you a text message approximately 15 minutes before the groom ends to let you know your pet is ready for collection. 

Q. How long will my dog be with you for?

A. This all depends. Working with live animals can make predicting time scales a bit tricky. We can give you an estimate time, however we cannot stick to this. Most full grooms take around 2 hours, however some jobs may be bigger or smaller. 

Q. Can you keep my dog past the agreed pick up time?

A. We understand life can get busy and sometimes traffic won't allow. If you're running a little late or need more notice for pick up time, just let us know. We unfortunately do not always have the safe capacity to hold your pets past their groom time, therefore we charge £5 per hour or part hour for pets that remain in holding after the agreed pick up time. (This may be waivered in exceptional circumstances).

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Sometimes unexpected things crop up that are out of our control. If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as you can. This enables us to give your slot to another pooch in need of a spruce.  We are a small business and unexpected cancellations affect us in a big way. We may introduce a deposit policy at any time which requires a 50% deposit at the time of booking which will be refunded if no less than 48 hours notice is given when cancelling. If your appointment is cancelled 24 hours or less, unfortunately the full appointment cost will be owed. 48 hours or less incurs a 50% charge. Over 48 hours - no charge.

Q. How much notice do you need for booking?

A. We recommend re-booking at the time of your appointment to avoid disappointment.  If you're hoping to squeeze your dog in, we will always try our best but we cannot promise. We always recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment. During busier times, we will introduce a cancellation list and we will contact you if an appointment becomes available. For full groom appointments, the current wait time for the next appointment is around 5 months. If you have a smooth haired dog or just require a singular service such as nail clipping or a bath only, this can be arranged for much sooner. 

Q. Do you have a price list?

A. Just like us, every dog is different. Even if they are of the same breed, the work involved differs from dog to dog. So in short, no. We do not have a set price list. Please contact us for a quote. Sending us pictures and detailed information about your pet will help us to give you a more accurate quote. When we meet and groom your dog, we can confirm the cost. 

Q. My dog has been sick or is appearing unwell on the day of their groom, should I still bring them?

A. We politely ask you reschedule your appointment to seek veterinary attention, or allow them to return to normal before bringing them. This is to protect other pets in our care, but to also ensure your dog's welfare and safety. 

Q. When can I bring my puppy for their first groom?

A. 2 weeks after their last vaccinations. This is the earliest you can bring them along, and is the perfect time to get them used to the process. 

Q. My dog has fleas, can I still bring them?

A. Please do not bring your dog to their grooming appointment if they have fleas. If fleas are discovered during the groom, unfortunately a £12 charge will be applied to the cost of the groom to cover the cost of specialist products and deep cleaning.

Q. My dog has a medicated shampoo, can you use this instead?

A. Of course. Just ensure the label is visible so we use it correctly and it's within the expiration date.